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EU Twitiots and Twitoids

EU Twitiots and Twitoids

20 February 2014 at 08:12
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Dear EU Twitiots and Twitoids,

You are currently acting like an impotent, or like a teenage boy who is unable to make a decision and talk to the girl at the party. And, you know that if you don’t pull yourself together and don’t do it now, she will end up with another, more decisive guy from the hood next time, while you will have to settle for a platonic love and with servicing yourself in the bathroom.

Ukraine is adrift and the only chance you have (if you have any ambitions on Ukraine at all) is to tow it and tug it into the European port. Of course, the exercise will be very expensive and lengthy. Unfortunately, while you are contemplating and deliberating whether to make such a commitment or not, Russia is not wasting its time and it is going for abordage through coercion, intimidation and brute force.

Don’t you know that, in a critical and emergency situations, hesitation and no decision are much worse than a bad decision? Just do it, do it now because you will have to do it anyway later, and you know it’s going to cost you more then. Cough up the money, launch something like a mini-Marshal Plan, go through it and thereby ensure a long-term EU security and stability. Ukraine is the only chance for you to change Russia in the future.

An unfriendly state is taking control of your vital energy supplies undermining your security and infringing on your independence.  When the same was happening in North Africa (e.g. Libya), you intervened didn’t you? Of course, you did because you saw it as a threat and you acted in preventive self-defence, though you killed many civilians, received negative press and public reviews and left chaos behind. What I don’t understand is that Libya was supplying just 5% of your needs and you went to such an extreme: Ukraine transits more than 20% of your needs, and you can’t do more than just “statements and condemnation”?! I heard that Yanukovic and Putin are particularly scared of the Twits, status updates and blogs… In fact, they love the Twitiots and Twitoids like you!

Respectfully not-yours,


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